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Sacramento Prenup Lawyers

While statistics vary, most analysts believe between 30% and 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Every state has a legal scheme for handling what happens to your life on divorce. The only way to have full control over what happens to your property and earnings on divorce is to enter into a prenuptial agreement, also known as “premarital agreements,” or “prenups.”

Prenups are becoming more and more common. There are many reasons for this, including many people are now entering into marriages with advanced degrees or with money or property. In the event of divorce, having a prenup in place may substantially reduce your litigation costs. Parties often spend tens of thousands of dollars fighting over things that could easily have been avoided with a prenup. With this in mind, prenuptial agreements are simply smart planning.

Prenups allow for parties to plan for things such as whether their earnings are community or separate property, the division of their property on divorce, and the payment, if any, of spousal support.

There are very specific requirements necessary to ensure the validity of a prenuptial agreement. In particular, there are asset disclosure requirements, and requirements as to notice and review. The law firm of HOSE & SANCHEZ has the experience necessary to ensure your prenuptial agreement is drafted properly, and is specific to your circumstances. We can also review a prenup on your behalf to ensure your rights are being protected.

​Keep in mind that prenuptial agreements are not just for the wealthy. Anyone can benefit from a prenup. Our attorneys can work with you to draft an agreement that reflects your personal needs and goals.