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Sacramento Child Support Lawyers

Every parent has a responsibility to support their children. In fact, California law requires that a parent’s first obligation is to support his or her minor child or children according to that parent’s circumstances and station in life. (Fam. Code, section 4053).

Both state and federal law mandate the use of a guideline formula for establishing the amount of support to be paid. In California, the primary factors of the calculation are the income of both parents, and the custody timeshare.

Child support litigation can become just as contentious as child custody litigation. While the child support amount is based on a fairly straight-forward guideline formula, the fight becomes over what inputs to use for the calculator. Having an attorney on your side can make all the difference in your case.

​In cases in which one party is receiving aid from a local government, the County Department of Child Support Services will often step in as a party of interest and reach out to the non-custodial parent (referring to the parent with less timeshare) to take over financial responsibility for the child. The Department can also get involved by request, in the absence of either party receiving aid, if you live in the County and would like for them to enforce your child or spousal support order.