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Sacramento Trust Amendment Lawyers

A trust is a very useful tool for holding assets. (See Trusts). A trust amendment allows for one to change one or more provisions of a trust. The reasons to change, or update a trust, are many. In particular, we suggest you amend your trust if and when any of the following occur: a change in marital status; the birth of a child; a significant change in financial status; a death of a beneficiary of the trust; you want to change or add beneficiaries; you want to change your nomination of trustee or alternate or successor trustee; you want to modify conditions or restrictions of you trust; you want to add property to or remove property from a trust; or you want to modify the powers of the trustee.

​Amending your trust is not as simple as lining out old provisions and writing in new provisions. In fact, to do so risks invalidating your trust. HOSE & SANCHEZ attorneys can help you decide whether you need to modify your trust documents, and make the amendments for you, ensuring your trust maintains validity and reflects your wishes. CALL TODAY AT (916) 246-0000 FOR A 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION.